Thursday, October 10, 2013

More about hard life for spouses in the USA

I came across a very interesting article that was spot on with what I was discussing a while ago.

As more and more people are bringing up this issue about visas that relegate women to a status of a "lesser citizen"in the USA, serious considerations have to be made.
There is a bigger community out there of lonely women that had to cut their ties with their own country, family, friends and also their job to follow their husbands. These women are now facing a double solitude: the natural one, so to speak, that happens to everyone when they arrive in a new country and, an even tougher one, because imposed by State regulations that classify and relegate these "aliens"to a lesser status (look at things you can't do on your visa, you'll see how much your freedom is limited in the land of the free). A third scenario, which is equally bad, is deportation. Regardless which category you belong to, it will take a toll, a huge one, on yourself and all your family.
In this way the system penalizes legal aliens and rewards illegal immigrants who definitely enjoy more freedom than women who got into the country legally! So, I have to believe that only the fools play by the rules.

This is the article:

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