Sunday, June 2, 2013

What happens when on the other side of fence the grass isn’t that green

Ok, now, we all read and heard it so many times about people living happily abroad: books, blogs and guides about moving abroad for good will tell you all about new starts in amazing places all over the world.
But I rarely came across people sharing experiences about the other side of the story. Is it because we didn’t make it like all the rest? Or are we embarrassed to admit to family and friends, and maybe also to ourselves, that we were not up to this wonderful prospect, where everyone seems to make it big times and we let ourselves down?
In this collective imagery of lives abroad, everyone is expected to fulfill dreams of wealth and happiness but nobody really seems to tell you the “behind the scenes”. 
I want to show the other side of the coin.
Unless you are paid EXTREMELY well, with plenty of benefits that travel with you (like housing, car, health insurance and a cell phone paid by the company, well…what are you reading this for?? J), you can surely make the extra effort to appreciate all the perks of this new life. But even in this scenario, there is an X factor, which is different from each one of us, that makes us turn back to our country; for someone is homesickness, for others difficulty adjusting to the new culture (nope, watching and liking TV series and reality shows doesn’t quite make it). And there are other reasons that lie behind our decision to move back: like the weather, food, health issues, aging, or maybe the realization that the perks you had abroad can now also be found in your own country. When the conditions offered abroad don't exceed or at least meet the ones you left behind, you will start pondering about relocating.  
All are very plausible reasons that make us call it quits with the hosting country that once we loved so much.

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